How I made a cute fence out of regular arches for greenhouses

How I made a cute fence out of regular arches for greenhouses

At my dacha there is everything you need for the soul and body. The beds are built in orderly rows every year on the site in pursuit of an unprecedented harvest. There are also small flower gardens that delight me at the beginning of summer with fragrant flowers and bright colors, but still I was missing something.

I thought for a long time that it haunts me, but it is not very striking. The flowers are beautiful, but they are not very noticeable on the site.

This beautiful floral painting lacked a frame. And I decided to make a fence. But I really didn't want to spend extra money. And then I started looking for some material on my site that might be suitable for creating a fence.

Disassembling old pieces of wood in the barn, I was upset that I would not be able to realize what I wanted for free until I came across several unused greenhouse arches - supports for the greenhouse. They were inexpensive: I bought each set of 6 arcs of 3 meters for 210 rubles.

At first I wanted to cut them and stick them into the ground to make a palisade. But then I decided to try another way. I didn't have to do anything special.

I just stuck the arcs around the perimeter of the flower garden overlapping each other. As a result, we got a nice budget fence, which gave the flower bed a finished look. It turned out something like this.

The arches have to be removed for the winter, but I use them to cover the rose bushes. And in the spring I take them out again and put them in their original place, using new decor elements each time, if I have extra time. But it seems to me that the fence looks good anyway.

Such a fence can even be painted in different colors. If you put the bases of the arcs closer to each other and drown them harder into the ground, then the fence will turn out to be much lower and more accurate.

You can use various combinations of the arrangement of arcs along the flower bed, as well as add decorative elements. For example, you can add colorful ribbons or decorative insects to the arcs.

You can also hang bells in the middle of the arc, which will not only decorate the fence, but also help determine the speed and direction of the wind. In general, if you put a little more effort and imagination, then you can change the garden beyond recognition with the help of ordinary greenhouse arches.

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The structure should be lightweight and mobile. If necessary, it is transferred to another place, without special heating.

The main function of the greenhouse is to provide a comfortable temperature for the plants and protect them from frost. Thanks to the simple design, various kinds of seedlings are hardened. After all, in early spring it is quite warm during the day, while at night the thermometer can drop to a critical level. In order for the greenhouse to serve as a reliable shelter for plants, you need to create a high-quality frame. Let's take the matter seriously.

One of the easiest ways to make structures is to mount them from plastic pipes. So, we make a greenhouse made of PVC arcs with our own hands.

In the place where the greenhouse will stand in the future, it is necessary to drive pins along the entire perimeter, but not very deeply. They should stick out about 15 cm from the ground. Sturdy curved tubes are fitted onto these pins. To correctly calculate how many pipes are needed? You just need to know how high the greenhouse will be. Also, the distance between PVC structures must be at least half a meter.

To strengthen the structure from top to bottom, it is necessary to lay an additional pipe and attach arcs to it.

Manufacturers and prices

Some manufacturers offer to purchase at once the entire set for creating a greenhouse, which includes arcs, film and clamps for fastening it. But arcs sold separately are in great demand, because in this case, you can independently choose the density of the material for covering the seedlings. If necessary, arches in PVC are used for climbing roses, their stems are carefully wrapped around the arched structure and pressed to the ground. It is also important to understand how to make a polycarbonate greenhouse foundation.

The arches are made of a steel tube with a diameter of 10 mm, covered with green PVC (cambric).

Choice of materials

If there is no money to buy a prefabricated greenhouse, then you can even design it yourself. To do this, you need to decide what it will be made of. The main support for such a design is arcs. They can be made of aluminum, plastic or metal. There are even wooden greenhouses. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons.


They are the most expensive and the most difficult to install. The aluminum tube is usually of the same dimensions along its entire length. It is also important that it has thick walls. Such material is strong and durable, lightweight and does not rust.

Reinforced plastic

Such arcs are the most common. They just cut, bend and give in to all kinds of deformations. Among other things, they are light and strong, so this material will last a long time. However, deciding to purchase these particular pipes, you need to choose only models with a large hole. This will extend the service life and also prevent rust from forming.


The cheapest material is plastic. After all, in almost every home there are plastic hoses used for water, consisting of thick walls, as well as wires inside. They are perfect for building a greenhouse. Such a framework has many advantages. This is the ease of assembly of the frame, low price and long service life.


The use of such pipes for a greenhouse guarantees the durability of the greenhouse due to its strength. However, it is worth using inexpensive pipes with a small diameter. They are well suited for this design. You can also take steel as the material used.

Metal to PVC

These arcs are made of dense wire, having a circumference of five millimeters. The wire itself is trimmed with PVC - a sheath that protects the metal. Using such arcs, you can make a greenhouse of a suitable size with your own hands. However, it is worth considering that this type of construction will not be very stable. Therefore, it must be well secured so that the arcs made of light plastic are not blown away by the wind.


Such pipes can be held together by simple welding. This will be better than using self-tapping screws for fastening. However, the places where galvanized profile pipes were connected should be treated with a metal brush and covered with cold zinc. If the frame is made of a regular rectangular profile, then it can withstand rain, heavy snow, and wind.


Using a covering material from this material can be used to create a very durable structure. It can be either a metal or a shaped pipe. For PVC pipes, a frame that is made of boards is best suited. In this way, corrosion damage to the metal can be avoided. When using polycarbonate, you need to know that the arcs are located at a distance of no more than one meter, so that the structure is durable.

The density of the material is also very important. The higher the density, the greater the level of stress it can withstand. Plus, it will have good thermal insulation. But it should be borne in mind that such material must have a fire certificate and UV protection.

From fiberglass reinforcement

A greenhouse made of plastic fittings is now popular. It does not tear the film and is very easy to install. And also has a lightweight design, so it can be carried anywhere.

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